The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

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Many people do not realize the importance of professional drain cleaning. But, it is an important part of preserving your plumbing system. Regular plumbing services are a very crucial part of maintaining your home’s property value and usability.

Having a professional drain cleaning may cost you money up front, but wills ave you time and money in the future. You may think you can unclog drains yourself, but those costly chemicals can damage your pipes. And, sometimes a clogged drain has nothing to do with buildup of hair, food, or oils, but rather a broken or cracked pipe.

Letting a professional plumber take care of the problem, can prevent future damage, a lot of your time and stress, and may even save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

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Niagara flapperless toilet review

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A flapperless toilet review

Check out our recommended High efficiency toilets today and save on installation with Dan’s Green Special of the month!

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Dan’s monthly green specials

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To celebrate the new year we are offering the following Go Green specials through 2010…….That’s right all year long!

  • Installation of a new comfort height  1.28 gallon flush toilet for $ 235.00 out the door!
  • Your Purchase Qualifies for tax rebate money in 2010

Pricing includes the removal of the old toilet, new wax ring and a  new water supply tube.

New 1.28 gallon Niagara Flapperless toilet installed by Cincinnati Plumbers

Save money and go Green at the same time, have a Cincinnati Plumber update your home now!

We are taking orders for the new Stealth Toilet which is the worlds first .8 GPF toilet available in the US. Installed as low as $ 385.00. Flush with a little over half of a gallon of water per flush.

These toilets are not available in stores yet and have just been released for sale in the U.S.

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Firehouse 51 Not Under Warranty

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